ESOL Websites: Larry Ferlazzo

Larry Ferlazzo is a teacher in California, he currently teaches “Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced English Language Learners.” He has more than one site, but there are 2 in particular that I’d like to highlight in today’s post. (If you prefer watching over reading, look at video below for a visual review of the sites.)

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First, Websites of the Day, his blog where he posts multiple times a day sharing resources geared towards teaching ELLs (but also simply related to education in general). Because he posts so frequently, it would be hard to keep up with the posts by checking his site everyday. I recommend subscribing to the feed using google reader, which allows you to browse through a large number of posts quickly.

Next is his website, This is where you will find the most information for teaching ELLs. On the homepage he says, “The best way to start exploring this site is by first clicking on English.” So, I did. The following page had a number of links, Intermediate & Advanced caught my eye so I clicked it, then I was immediately overwhelmed by the amount of information on the next page. There are seemingly hundreds of links, organized by category.

While I didn’t take the time to look at each and every link, it is obvious there is a wealth of information available through Larry Ferlazzo’s sites that you might find useful in teaching ELLs. And on his Contact Me page, he invites you to email him, comment on his blog, or use the provided contact form to get in touch with him. I get the feeling he would be happy to help anyone if you asked him a specific question.

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