#GRAPHIN: Stories of an AutoGRAPH Collector

Remember my friend, Chaz?  As kids we loved playing, watching, and dreaming about basketball.  We started collecting autographs of NBA players, writing letters to their teams with cards in the envelope.  20 years later, Chaz continues to collect autographs, mostly in person.

“Graphin’” is the action, event, or process of going to get autographs.  Usually in person, Chaz meets players at hotels, the practice facility, and at the arenas.   It includes a complex planning and organizational process that he continues to refine.  His devotion to his craft is impressive.

In the summer of 2013 we decided to begin another adventure, #GRAPHIN, a short documentary about Chaz and his autograph collecting.  Almost a year later, I am proud to present the finished product.  Please enjoy!

Vacation in Kauai

Dear Carter,

I went on my first ever vacation as an adult earlier this month!  Your Aunt Kourtney planned and made arrangements for us to spend almost 2 weeks on the Hawaiin island of Kauai.

I think you would love the food.  You can pick mangoes, avacodos, guava, and papaya straight off trees there!  I think you would love the animals.  I saw horses, turtles, frogs, and geckos!  And I know you would love the water.  Warm, blue, and fantastic, it is just like you see in postcards.

Hopefully one day when you grow up you can make it over there.  My advice for you is to get to know the people that live there and make sure that they know that you know just how lucky you are to be visiting in their paradise.

Love you!

Uncle Larry

PS I made this video because I appreciate what the locals have to put up with when people like me make a once-in-my-lifetime trip to a place that is so different from home.

Go Ducks!

Dear Carter,

I completed both my undergrad and graduate degrees in Eugene at the University of Oregon.  Most of the Martin side of our family are die-hard Duck fans.  So if I had to guess, I’d put my money on you growing up a Duck.  Here are some tips I’ve learned so you know what to do when you are old enough.

Go to Duck football games, especially big games.  Double-especially if you have to camp out to get a ticket.  Bring unopened food and drinks into the stadium with you so you don’t spend $7 for a hot dog.  Give high fives to all people immediately next to, in front of, and/or behind you after big plays.  Yell “Oooooooooh!” when we are on defense (not offense).  Yell louder on 3rd downs.  Last but not least, bring good people with you so share the experience that is Autzen stadium.

Here is a video I put together from Saturday’s Duck game versus Nicholls State.  My “good people” on this occasion were Alejandro, Vas, and Jeremiah from IKE.  Good company and a good win, a lovely day!  Go Ducks!


Uncle Larry

Friends like Chaz

Dear Carter,

Chaz was my best friend growing up.  He lived right across the street, we both loved Ninja Turtle and playing basketball.  Needless to say, we spent tons of time together all throughout elementary school.

Then life happened.  I moved to the other side of town for middle and high school, and completely out of town for college.  For nearly a decade, we talked infrequently and spent very little time together.  Fast forward another decade and both of us are married, living in the same part of town, and we see each other a few times a week.

What I’m trying to get at is choose good friends and invest your time with good people.  It will pay you back for years to come :)

Case in point, last week I raced my bike and invited him to watch.  He was super-fan, ringing cowbells and screaming encouragement when I rode by.  What happened during that short race instantly became a top 3 all-time cycling memory for me.  Here is a clip from the race, try and guess which one is Chaz.

With love,

Uncle Larry

Chaz cowbell